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Below are the 100 last of the "Boys in Blue" from Iowa's 99 counties that served our nation in its time of need (1861-1865) and were considered citizens of these counties, by the Department of Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic, at the time of their passing. Later on a few others, that were not the "Last" but made an impact with Iowa and the Grand Army of the Republic, will be added as well. Among those will be Past National Commanders-in-Chief of the GAR from Iowa, Amy Noll (who saved these records and made research into Iowa's Grand Army much easier), John Parker Risley (Assistant Adjutant General, 1922-1935), and all of Iowa's Past Department Commanders within the GAR.

To navigate this page you may click on a county to see the basic information there with links to Photograph, Obituary, Headstone, G.A.R Record, and a link to the Find a Grave webpage if one exists. Only the County page has a link back to this Table page. On all others, you will need to use your browser's "Back Button" to return to the County or this Table.

As photographs of better quality are found they will be added. GAR records are copies from old scratched microfilm and will be transcribed as were done for Adams & Allamakee when time permits. I hope to eventually gain access to the Archives to photograph the original cards.

Enjoy the history of Iowa's Grand Army and have patience while this site remainss under construction and the blanks are filled in. If errors are found, they will be corrected ASAP.

Ron Rittel
Des Moines, Iowa

County in Iowa Name of the Last Soldier Date of Death First Union Unit Mustered Into Photo Obit Burial Place Iowa G.A.R. Record Find a Grave Record
Adair Lewis Lawson April 1, 1940 Co. G, 134th IL Infantry None #1, #2 South City Cemetery, Stuart, Guthrie County, IA Post 14 Memorial# 11273854
Adams Darius P. Kerns July 29, 1939 Co. F, 83rd IL Infantry Yes Yes Prairie Rose Cemetery, Corning, Adams County, IA Post 324 Memorial# 91154440
Allamakee D'Estaing Harrington July 11, 1935 Co. C, 13th Regiment, US Infantry Yes Yes Postville City Cemetery, Postville, Clayton County, IA Posts 233 & 452 Memorial# 13715156
Appanoose Edward Streepy December 13, 1942 Co. I, 36th IA Infantry Yes Yes Eston Cemetery, Unionville, Appanoose County, IA Post 328 Memorial# 24564017
Audubon John Bonwell October 3, 1943 Co. A, 176th OH Infantry Yes Yes Viola Center Cemetery, Audubon County, IA Post 34 Memorial# 63927249
Benton Dr. William A. Vincent April 21, 1943 Co. A, 152nd NY Infantry None Yes Oak Hill Cemetery, Belle Plaine, Benton County, IA Post 314 Memorial# 83701724
Black Hawk Henry A. Bray May 8, 1943 Co. F, 76th IL Infantry Yes Yes Elmwood Cemetery, Waterloo, Black Hawk County, IA Post 68 Memorial# 36969052
Boone Francis Ritter June 21, 1944 Co. K, 9th IA Infantry Yes Yes Linwood Cemetery, Boone, Boone County, IA Post 67 Memorial# 75970324
Bremer Martin L. Stebbins February 27, 1938 Co. F, 1st IA Cavalry None Yes Harlington Cemetery, Waverly, Bremer County, IA Post 267 Memorial# 42845544
Buchanan George W. Kays April 26, 1940 Co. A, 41st WI Infantry Yes #1, #2 Mt. Hope Cemetery, Independence, Buchanan County Post 54 Memorial# 108786831
Buena Vista Charles P. Matson October 30, 1940 Co. B, 44th WI Infantry Yes Yes Storn Lake City Cemetery, Storm Lake, Buena Vista County Post 80 Memorial# 86219804
Butler Thomas Anderson November 26, 1938 Co. G, 133rd PA Infantry None Yes Rose Hill Cemetery, Greene, Butler County, IA Post 200 Memorial# 64141776
Calhoun Washington Grimes September 19, 1939 Co. D, 45th IA Infantry Yes #1, #2 Reading Cemetery, Farnhamville, Calhoun County, IA No Post Listed Memorial# 113001302
Carroll John A. Hood April 19, 1939 Co. D, 51st IN Infantry #1, #2 Yes West Lawn Cemetery, Glidden, Carroll County, IA Post 291 Memorial# 104708402
Cass Adnah D. Bullock October 11, 1941 Co. A, 1st NY Light Artillery Yes Yes Atlantic City Cemetery, Atlantic, Cass County, IA Posts 50 & 6 Memorial# 32590171
Cedar Martin W. Johnson March 11, 1938 Co. C, 15th OH Infantry Yes Yes Stanwood City Cemetery, Stanwood, Cedar County, IA Post 109 Memorial# 50394496
Cerro Gordo Rockwell Whipple April 14, 1941 Co. E, 4th WI Cavalry None Yes Elmwood Cemetery, Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, IA Post 42 Memorial# 6944916
Cherokee Nicholas T. Wells April 14, 1943 Co. K, 40th WI Infantry Yes Yes Marcus-Amherst Cemetery, Marcus, Cherokee County, IA Post 28 Memorial# 110596400
Chickasaw John N. Coleman March 7, 1939 Co. G, 44th IL Infantry Yes Yes Rose Hill Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Chickasaw County, IA Post 104 Memorial# 69119233
Clarke Theodore F. Yetts June 23, 1941 Co.K, 129th IN Infantry None #1, #2 Hopeville City Cemetery, Hopeville, Clarke County, IA Post 323 Memorial# 19329210
Clay Frederick P. Pettygrove February 9, 1938 Co. C, 2nd WI Infantry #1, #2 #1, #2 New Hampton City Cemetery, Chickasaw County, IA Post 124 Memorial# 38624520
Clayton Edwin W. Stanton April 1, 1938 3rd WI Infantry, Unassigned None Elkader City Cemetery, Elkader, Clayton County, IA Post 184 Memorial# 78814834
Clinton John Avery June 29, 1944 Co. B, 140th IL Infantry Yes #1, #2 Spring Hill Cemetery, Sharon, Whiteside County, IL Post 88 Memorial# 98550634
Crawford Myron E. Rowe May 10, 1937 Co. D, 1st MI Light Artillery None Yes Oakland Cemetery, Denison, Crawford County, IA No Post Listed Memorial# 59776671
Dallas Charles S. Curler January 5, 1944 Co. I, 192nd NY Infantry None #1, #2 Violet Hill Cemetery, Perry, Dallas County, IA Post 26 Memorial# 16279005
Davis Benjamin S. Armstrong August 13, 1940 Co. E, 3rd IA Cavalry None Yes IOOF Cemetery, Bloomfield, Davis County, IA Post 100 Memorial# 80915472
Decatur Jonas Hoffhines October 22, 1940 Co. C, 88th OH Infantry None #1, #2 Leon City, Leon, Decatur County, IA Post 251 Memorial# 112990874
Delaware Thomas N. Sedgwick June 29, 1938 Co. B, 36th IL Infantry None Hillside Cemetery, Whitewater, Jefferson County, WI, No Stone on Grave Post 190 Memorial# 11299177
Des Moines Edmund B. Davis May 30, 1941 Co. E, 25th IA Infantry None Yes Aspen Grove Cemetery, Burlington, Des Moines County, IA No Post Listed Memorial# 103163837
Dickinson Gifford S. Robinson May 28, 1936 Co. H, 115th IL Infantry Yes Storn Lake City Cemetery, Storm Lake, Buena Vista County Post 80 Memorial# 83979618
Dubuque Frank L. Quade May 10, 1945 Co. G, 8th IA Cavalry None #1, #2 St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Dubuque, Dubuque County, IA Post 78 Memorial# 20378033
Emmet George W. Albee January 4, 1938 Co. E, 2nd WI Cavalry #1, #2 #1, #2 Ocheyedan Twp. Cemetery, Ocheyedan, Osceola County, IA Post 149 Memorial# 7130259
Fayette John T. Gager November 24, 1939 Co. B, 105th IL Infantry Yes Yes Bethel Cemetery, Hawkeye, Fayette County, IA Posts 289 & 171 Memorial# 73639854
Floyd William Gange January 1, 1940 Co. I, 5th WI Infantry None Riverside Cemetery, Charles City, Floyd County, IA Post 3 Memorial# 6535525
Franklin Levi L. Conner September 27, 1937 Co. C, 72nd OH Infantry Yes Hampton City Cemetery, Hampton, Franklin County, IA Post 81 Memorial# 113026448
Fremont Phineas H. Drake April 3, 1944 Co. M, 11th IL Cavalry None Yes Tabor City Cemetery, Tabor, Mills County, IA Post 263 Memorial# 92858112
Greene Robert G. Martin August 30, 1944 Co. D, 188th OH Infantry Yes Yes Grand Junction Cemetery, Grand Junction, Greene County, IA Posts 152 & 26 Memorial# 89124551
Grundy Horace B. Kelly August 2, 1935 Co. K, 3rd WI Infantry None Fairview Cemetery, Grundy Center, Grundy County, IA Posts 71 & 386 Memorial# 66913674
Guthrie John Palmer December 1, 1942 Co. G, 51st WI Infantry #1, #2 Yes Highland Cemetery, Bayard, Guthrie County, IA No Post Listed Memorial# 5037664
Hamilton Elon N. Lee May 9, 1938 Co. G, 134th IL Infantry Yes Yes Graceland Cemetery, Webster City, Hamilton County, IA Post 66 Memorial# 95264755
Hancock Llewellyn Lewis January 5, 1941 Co. C, 16th WI Infantry None #1, Poem Clear Lake Cemetery, Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo County, IA Post 101 Memorial# 21801931
Hardin James E. Manning October 19, 1939 Co. A, 89th NY Infantry Yes Yes Iowa Veteran Home Cemetery, Marshalltown, Marshall County, IA Posts 154 & 165 Memorial# 39486956
Harrison Sylvester Pokett December 7, 1943 Co. C, 1st NE Cavalry None Union Twp. Cemetery, Defiance, Shelby County, IA Posts 83, 136, & 304 Memorial# 15583039
Henry Joseph T. Ingrim May 8, 1940 2nd IA Light Artillery, Co. not listed None Yes South Salem Cemetery, Salem, Henry County, IA Post 20 Memorial# 73288494
Howard Ira C. Wheeler January 19, 1937 Co. G, 47th WI Infantry Yes Northfield City Cemetery, Northfield, Rice County, MN Post 216 Memorial# 89099451
Humboldt Charles H. Lingenfelter May 11, 1945 Co. D, 23rd WI Infantry None Yes County Corners Cemetery, Strawberry Point, Clayton County, IA Post 132 Memorial# 32508057
Ida Paul Fox December 11, 1939 Co. A, 116th IN Infantry Yes Waco City Cemetery, Waco, York County, NE Post 22 Memorial# 45609399
Iowa Francis M. Isenhart December 17, 1938 Co. C, 75th IL Infantry None IOOF Cemetery, Victor, Iowa County, IA Post 394 Memorial# 113062086
Jackson James H. Sutton October 7, 1938 Co. E, 12th TN Cavalry None Esgate Cemetery, Maquoketa, Jackson County, IA Post 74 Memorial# 17380225
Jasper Elliott P. Taylor June 5, 1944 Co. M, 4th IA Cavalry None Yes Glasgow City Cemetery, Glasgow, Jefferson County, IA Posts 227 & 19 Memorial# 20819081
Jefferson Joseph H. Alverson September 29, 1943 Co. E, 3rd IA Cavalry None Bladensburg Cemetery, Bladensburg, Wapello County, IA Post 339 Memorial# 85987905
Johnson Ebenezer G. McMurray June 20, 1948 Co. A, 185th OH Infantry Yes Yes Sharon Moravian Cemetery, Tuscarawas, Tuscarawas County, OH Andrew Crawford Post in Ohio Memorial# 11859488
Jones Mark H. Morse December 25, 1943 Co. F, 31st IA Infantry None Yes Wyoming City Cemetery, Wyomong, Jones County, IA Posts 130 & 74 Memorial# 17929425
Keokuk James Williams September 18, 1942 Co. K, 139th IN Infantry None Yes West Cemetery, Sigourney, Keokuk County, IA Post 167 Memorial# 9614385
Kossuth John H. Grover March 1, 1932 Co. H, 2nd WI Infantry None Portland Cemetery, Algona, Kossuth County, IA Post 165 Memorial# 53692656
Lee John Drain February 28, 1940 Co. A, 67th US Colored Infantry None Oakland Cemetery, Keokuk, Lee County, IA Post 413 Memorial# 82120486
Linn George S. Bushnell December 29, 1943 Co. E, 46th IA Infantry Yes Oak Hill Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, Linn County, IA Post 235 Memorial# 77240123
Louisa John F. Heins November 14, 1937 Co. B, 1st MO Engineers None Wapello City Cemetery, Wapello, Louisa County, IA Post 153 Memorial# 63528053
Lucas #1 William Humphreys January 25, 1941 Co. A, 119th OH Infantry None Yes Zion Cemetery, Williamson, Lucas County, IA Post 18 Memorial# 43978525
Lucas #2 Robert Killen January 25, 1941 Co. F, 37th KY Infantry None Yes Graceland Cemetery, Norwood, Lucas County, IA No Record Found Memorial# 41769684
Lyon George W. Lyon February 2, 1940 Co. A, 11th IL Infantry Yes Richland Cemetery, Inwood, Lyon County, IA Member at Large Memorial# 37921879
Madison Aaron E. Cleveland January 7, 1939 Co. E, 1st WI Cavalry None Yes Earlham City Cemetery, Earlham, Madison County, IA Post 55 Memorial# 45732025
Mahaska Henry A. White February 20, 1945 Co. H, 184th NY Infantry None Yes University Park Cemetery, University Park, Mahaska County, IA Post 40 Memorial# 42175929
Marion Robert A. Millen January 4, 1947 Co. A, 33rd IA Infantry Yes #1, #2 Gosport City Cemetery, Gosport, Marion County, IA Post 317 Memorial# 14134134
Marshall David Sisk June 6, 1946 Co. H, 147th IL Infantry Yes Iowa Veteran Home Cemetery, Marshalltown, Marshall County, IA Posts 36, 452, & 94 Memorial# 39883416
Mills Marion T. Davis December 7, 1940 IA Southern Border Brigade Malvern City Cemetery, Malvern, Mills County, IA Member at Large Memorial# 53430745
Mitchell Charles W. Mills April 18, 1938 Co. I, 98th NY Infantry Osage City Cemetery, Osage, Mitchell County, IA Post 77 Memorial# 48207469
Monona Marion Morgan February 10, 1940 Co. K, 29th IA Infantry Heisler Cemetery, Mapleton, Monona County, IA Post 87 Memorial# 40565984
Monroe Harvey A. Bloomfield January 10, 1940 Co. G, 21st MO Infantry None #1, #2 Forest Cemetery, Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, IA Posts 138, 49, 452, 337, & 40 Memorial# 76878018
Montgomery Hiram Finley March 25, 1943 Co. A, 14th IA Infantry Evergreen Cemetery, Red Oak, Montgomery County, IA Post 114 Memorial# 113273642
Muscatine Charles F. Regnier January 10, 1942 Co. H, 1st OH Light Artillery Oak Ridge Cemetery, West Liberty, Muscatine County, IA Post 255 Memorial# 51631369
O'Brien James P. Martin September 20, 1949 Co. B, 1st WI Heavy Artillery Yes Waterman Cemetery, Sutherland, O'Brien County, IA Post 219 Memorial# 61113274
Osceola Thomas O. Wilbern June 22, 1936 Co. C, 153rd IL Infantry Holman Cemetery, Sibley, Osceola County, IA Post 118 Memorial# 76600736
Page John M. Gudgel March 22, 1947 Co. K, 148th IL Infantry Rose Hill Cemetery, Shenandoah, Page County, IA Post 56 Memorial# 15679831
Palo Alto Franklin E. Jones August 2, 1935 Co. K, 49th WI Infantry Evergreen Cemetery, Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, IA No Post Listed Memorial# 98585975
Plymouth Andrew W. Crouch January 11, 1945 Co. G, 1st WI Cavalry Memorial Cemetery, LeMars, Plymouth County, IA Post 91 Memorial# 7819139
Pocahontas William A. Marther February 7, 1937 Co. H, 8th IA Infantry Clinton-Garfield Cemetery, Rolfe, Pochontas County, IA Post 357 Memorial# 45766385
Polk Jacob J. Neuman November 21, 1943 Co. I, 148th IL Infantry None Yes Masonic Cemetery, Des Moines, Polk County, IA Post 12 Memorial# 73965663
Pottawattamie Sylvester E. Flummer March 10, 1943 Co. K, 118th IN Infantry Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, IA Member at Large Memorial# 113282259
Poweshiek Charles Van Doren September 29, 1940 Co. B, 155th IL Infantry Hazelwood Cemetery, Grinnell, Poweshiek County, IA Post 64 Memorial# 92347099
Ringgold Harrison R. Crecelius December 14, 1945 Unassigned Indiana Infantry Middle Fork Cemetery, Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, IA Member at Large Memorial# 12236898
Sac George Matson November 9, 1939 Co. E, 82nd IL Infantry + Oakland Cemetery, Sac City, Sac County, IA No Post Listed Memorial# 50825844
Scott John M. Thumm May 6, 1940 12th OH Light Artillery Fairmount Cemetery, Davenport, Scott County, IA Member at Large Memorial# 113283095
Shelby William J. Blair March 3, 1936 Co. I, 7th IA Infantry Manning City Cemetery, Manning, Carroll County, IA Post 197 Memorial# 76810414
Sioux John H. Huyck February 10, 1942 Co. E, 134th IL Infantry Grace Hill Cemetery, Hawarden, Sioux County, IA Post 159 Memorial# 60913580
Story Charles Hamilton April 8, 1941 Co. I, 152nd NY Infantry Ames City Cemetery, Ames, Story County, IA Post 30 Memorial# 111058702
Tama James W. Willett May 13, 1940 USS Springfield, US Navy Oak Hill Cemetery, Tama, Tama County, IA Post 24 Memorial# 110588917
Taylor Benjamin F. Akers March 17, 1941 Co. A, 22nd IA Infantry Washington Cemetery, Gravity, Taylor County, IA Post 448 Memorial# 29762527
Union Dr. Chester L. Dickinson December 30, 1939 Co. I, 6th MI Heavy Artillery Winterset City Cemetery, Winterset, Madison County, IA Posts 55, 440, & 60 Memorial# 12847693
Van Buren Eli W. McKinney February 22, 1946 Co. E, 45th IA Infantry Bentonsport City Cemetery, Bentonsport, Van Buren County, IA Post 177 Memorial# 15930492
Wapello Michael P. Franz June 17, 1945 Co. A, 20th IA Infantry Evergreen Cemetery, Fairfield, Jefferson County, IA Posts 19, 255, & 235 Memorial# 59368648
Warren Charles Hester June 28, 1944 Co. I, 148th IL Infantry IOOF Cemetery, Indianola, Warren County, IA Post 116 Memorial# 28098005
Washington Lewis F. Sigafoose September 25, 1943 Co. K, 22nd IA Infantry Elm Grove Cemetery, Washington, Washington County, IA Post 108 Memorial# 113530035
Wayne Dr. William H. Earnest March 4, 1945 Co. D, 189th OH Infantry Southlawn Cemetery, Seymour, Wayne County, IA Post 192 Memorial# 70956431
Webster William R. Lindsley October 23, 1941 Co. H, 29th WI Infantry Bayside Cemetery, Sturgeon Bay, Door County, WI Post 236 Memorial# 113532234
Winnebago George Platts June 8, 1934 Co. I, 71st NY Infantry Salem Cemetery, Lake Mills, Winnebago County, IA Index Card Memorial# 92259698
Winneshiek Ancil O. Ash March 8, 1945 Co. E, 47th WI Infantry Evergreen Cemetery, Wesley, Kossuth County, IA Post 193 Memorial# 77208866
Woodbury Michael Hawk November 16, 1940 Co. I, 78th OH Infantry Floyd Cemetery, Sioux City, Woodbury County, IA Post 22 Memorial# 94197752
Worth Homer Dolittle August 10, 1934 Co. C, 49th WI Infantry Sunset Rest Cemetery, Northwood Cemetery, Worth County, IA Post 142 Memorial# 113532880
Wright James T. Jackson March 10, 1936 Co. D, 36th WI Infantry Amsterdam Twp. Cemetery, Kanawah, Hancock County, IA No Post Listed Memorial# 86617748

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